Description of database in WordPress

WordPress 3.8 Weekly maintenance tips

We continue with the articles focused on WordPress developers, this time we will talk about the WordPress database to describe all tables and information contained therein. Description of database in WordPress We will be detailing the name of each table, and then a description of the content and what it is used for. wp_commentmeta Table wp_commentmeta contains the metadata
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Blogger Blog, Advantages and Disadvantages


Blogger enjoys the fame of being one of the most popular blogging platforms especially for the newbie in the blogging industry. Google has made the site popular because it is free and offers anyone the ability to manage their own blog site without the burden of technicalities in hosting the same. Here are some good insights
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How to implement Google+ Badge pop-up


Today we will show you a tutorial of how to add a pop-up of Google+ Badge and for the moment this feature is not documented in the information provided to us by Google itself, but is fully functional. For those who do not know what is the Google+ Badge ‘ll explain quickly. Google+ The Badge is just the badge or insignia
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Halo effect for SEO


In this article, we will try to explain how the halo effect on SEO works. It’s not really anything new, it is nothing more than get improved positioning for certain keywords in search engines through other keywords position in first position. In other words, when we try our website to rank for a particular keyword positions (top 1,2 or
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WordPress 4.0 Develepment


The people at WordPress have begun to shape WordPress 4.0 and WordPress development leader, Andrew Nacin, appointed as project leader for WordPress 4.0 (with Helen Hou-Sandi) who has worked several years in the core of WordPress. Plugins that you might see integrated into the core of WordPress 4.0 There is nothing official but it seems that there
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